Mastermind Psilo Anxiety Microdose (15)


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Mastermind Psilo give you a micro-dose of Magic Mushrooms in an easy-to-swallow form. Simply taking one of these can give the user unless energy, enhance cognitive creativity and mental sharpness. Some users may even prefer to take them a few times a week.

Each Mastermind Psilo Microdose comes with 15 gel caps, made for discreetness and convenience. Simply select your micro dose and utilize the productivity hack.

Reduce anxiety and symptoms of stress

Anxiety Microdose

50mg Psilocybin

100mg Ginkgo Biloba

100mg Bacopa Monnieri

Mastermind believes in the positive effects that psilocybin mushrooms can have for humanity, and are dedicated to finding creative, delicious and reliable ways for people to consume it. Their edible lineups include their Funghi Bars – a premium chocolate bar lineup, as well as Shroomicorn Chocolates and Blue Raspberry Gummy Frogs. They also offer a variety of different microdose products including Brain Tech and New Mood, which have been formulated to increase wellness, enhance creativity, and reduce stress.

Mastermind’s New Mood – Anxiety and Stress Relief

  • Helps decrease anxiety and everyday stress
  • Reduces mental chatter and helps enter “flow state”.
  • Supports overall mental health.
  • Proprietary blend of premium grade psilocybin mushrooms grown in British Columbia.
  • Lions Mane – supports nervous system and increases the release of nerve growth factors (NGF).
  • 5-HTP – raises serotonin levels in the brain, which helps regulate mood and behavior
  • Niacin – helps with energy and protein metabolism, and essential for the regeneration of the nerves, muscles and skin.
  • 30 capsules that each contain 200mg of psilocybin mushrooms
  • 6000mg (6 grams) total per bottle

Suggested Microdosing Schedules

People have different goals and intentions when it comes to microdosing psilocybin mushrooms. We also have different tolerances and experience levels, which can affect how psilocybin affects us. Here are three of the most widely used microdosing schedules.

1 Day On, 2 Days Off 
This protocol involves taking a microdose every third day for up to six weeks. This is a great protocol for absolute beginners and those new to psilocybin mushrooms.
Day 1: Microdose
Day 2: Day off
Day 3: Day off
Day 4: Microdose

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Protocol
This involves microdosing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and taking all other days off. This is done for six to twelve weeks. This is also a great protocol for beginners, or those looking for a lighter schedule that can help with their mental well being.
Monday: Microdose
Tuesday: Day off
Wednesday: Microdose
Thursday: Day off
Friday: Microdose
Saturday & Sunday: Days off

5 Days On, 2 Days Off
This protocol involves taking a microdose for five days in a row before taking two days off, and then repeating the cycle. This is done for six to twelve weeks. Most followers will take their microdose on weekdays and have the weekends off. This is a great protocol for people who have some experience with psilocybin, and are looking for a strong enhancer for their day to day life.
Day 1-5: Microdose
Day 6-7: Days off


100GM, 200GM, 500GM


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